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How to stop yourself from binge watching videos on Youtube?!

I was suffering from binge-watching Youtube videos. binge watching noun the practice of watching multiple episodes of a television programme in rapid succession, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming. “people who watch television online say they regularly indulge

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Softy Simness – Postmortem

About me Hi, my name is Roman and I am a gamedev enthusiast. I like to participate in game jams, try out all the new things, learn stuff and more. Currently, I am finishing up my master’s studies of IT

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FIT Ultimate Guide

I made this website a couple of years ago (2012) during my studies at FIT. It is a place for students to have a look at my school projects. I also link to a dozen of student’s blogs who do

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Oh, Java Java. No operator overloading?

During the time when I worked on my project GA Workbench in Java/LibGDX I have found a strange downside of the Java language. There is no operator overloading. So you can NOT add together two vectors like this: result =

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Velocity: Zero [perception experiment]

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AR Flashcards (ANKI in AR) prototype in ARToolkit

Project in ARToolkit for my Augmented Reality Interfaces course

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Email from Tiffany

Confirm Your Game Submission, Nic: Unlimited Tiffany Yue <[email protected]> Hi LookshGood, We recently come across your app, Nic: Unlimited at Google Play store. We would like to invite your app to our android app marketplace at MeshBean.com There is no

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Stargate Teal’c Indeed suspended

I guess I won’t be releasing after all… After dropping ‘Stargate’ and stating clearly, that this is a fan-made app I got another suspension This time copyright bs… Google, Why so serious?  

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How to make yourself to go to bed early

Just schedule automatic computer shutdown eg. shutdown.exe /s /f /t 900 /c “Shutdown in 900 seconds” Follow the guide to schedule it for every day http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/30758/make-your-pc-shut-down-at-night-but-only-when-youre-not-using-it/ Or use my ASS. Stands for Automatic Shutdown Scheduler! It is a  simple program I

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How to autolaunch KeePass

I made a simple C# console app which launches KeePass on startup and automatically opens specified database. Location of DB file and password must be specified in config file. The config file is encrypted on first launch. Tested with: KeePass

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