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Movies you shouldn’t watch

Salo, or The 120 Days of Sodom A Serbian Film … I ain’t joking around, just stay away.

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Use cloud backup services instead of NAS

Just a though – instead of buying a NAS drive get a cloud backup subscription. It will take a while to upload your whole drive to the cloud. But once done you can enjoy your data anywhere. It might be

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Do not buy Transcend flash drives

Especially Transcend JetFlash 890S 64GB USB 3.1 OTG Why? See for yourself. Whole storage part just fell off! Luckily I didnt have anything important on that flashdrive. Yeah and there is no warranty – claim for replacement. Even though it has

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Oh, Java Java. No operator overloading?

During the time when I worked on my project GA Workbench in Java/LibGDX I have found a strange downside of the Java language. There is no operator overloading. So you can NOT add together two vectors like this: result =

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Opinion – I do not understand riots

Here is a photograph from Hong Kong (source). Why did the people protest? Because of illegal food stands? Or was it because of the hawking? I does not really matter. What bugs me is, that these are people living in

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