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Check whether website has changed, automatically

Follow the link https://visualping.io/ Neat. Right?! 🙂

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Cloud to Butt

Give this Chrome extension a try. Results are hilarious. Every word “cloud” gets replaced by “butt”. Thats it.

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Archive websites manually!

Did you know you can manually request WaybackMachine to archive any website?

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I have figured it out!

Damn you, annalisa16. Go to hell.   This is a typical example of an old forum/Q&A post where the author figures it out without sharing HOW with the rest of us. How did you solve it, annalisa16? How?! … No response.

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How to block anti-Adblock popups?

Popups such as these are so annyoing:   Until recently I would just the close the website. However there is a solution: https://help.getadblock.com/support/solutions/articles/6000082125-a-website-is-telling-me-to-disable-adblock-before-it-will-show-content http://reek.github.io/anti-adblock-killer/#filterlist It does not work 100% though…

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How to motivate yourself to cleanup the Chrome bookmarks

Install this extensions https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bmstats-stats-for-your-bo/ogdcicncikokgpojepfdikmpeghoepig Watch the numbers Look at the stats  

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Why you should download stuff and how

   On Thursday January 19, 2012, Megaupload and its sister sites were closed due to allegations that its founder and its other executives were in violation of “piracy” laws.   Content gets removed all the time. Keep it safe by downloading.

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