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Several Lists of Youtubers and Livestreamers

I have collected several different lists of Youtubers and Livestreamers.

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WTH! at GDS2017

I only managed to visit a few talks during the GDS 2017. We had a desk in the Indie Expo section with our game WesTurn and that was a bit busy. Nevertheless, here are my notes from one of the

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Steam 101 – Getting Started with Marketing Features and Tools

This is a really good talk about putting your game on Steam. What I like about it is making you think about marketing of your game instead of telling you what to do.

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Gamedev Marketing, PR, Youtubers

PixelProspector offers a great guide on gamedev marketing http://www.pixelprospector.com/the-marketing-guide-for-game-developers/ List of various youtubers http://gameyoutubers.com/ Helps you to find right youtubers http://videogamecaster.com/ http://videogamecaster.com/big-list-of-youtubers http://videogamecaster.com/resources

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