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Level design – Signposting in Doom

Follow the light. See how the green lights guide you through the desert? It works indoors too. Light does not have to glow constantly. Watch the red light on the ride side of the door change intensity. Light also helps to

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Level design – Why Nathan Drake Doesn’t Need a Compass | Game Maker’s Toolkit

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Game design resources

Reddit page with tons of links https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedesign/wiki/index Knowledge base with links to articles, videos, etc. http://level-design.org/?page_id=2468 Research compilation (design thinkers, books, dev tutorials, etc.) http://gamedevprofessor.com/research-compilation/ Reverse design of games (eg. Half-life, Super Mario World) http://www.thegamedesignforum.com/ Blog organized as a course

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Level design – solution to backtracking in Skyrim

aka no re-traversal of cleared dungeons small tunnel ending on mountain side   small wooden door and rock door lever (looping back a bit) Great episode on the topic from Extra Credits  

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