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Music Theory – An Interactive Guide

https://www.lightnote.co/ This is a simple interactive website with basic information on how music “works”. Great for people untouched by music theory! 🙂  

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Young Entrepreneur Fellowship Program

I have participated in YEF in Prague. https://cz.usembassy.gov/young-entrepreneur-fellowship-program/ Program includes: Workshops on marketing, negotiation, communication, business plan creation and other re-lated topics Presentations by successful entrepreneurs and leaders in the business community Access to successful entrepreneurs as one-on-one mentors Networking

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FIT Ultimate Guide

I made this website a couple of years ago (2012) during my studies at FIT. It is a place for students to have a look at my school projects. I also link to a dozen of student’s blogs who do

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Few random links

Dev http://vlambeer.com/toolkit/ Vlambeer toolkit & link repository http://in2gpu.com/opengl-3/ OpenGL From Zero To Hero http://learnopengl.com/ https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/wiki/faq#wiki_getting_started GameDev getting started http://journal.stuffwithstuff.com/2015/02/01/what-color-is-your-function/ What Color is Your Function? https://blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/06/attribution-required/ How you should attribute code from StackOverflow?   Edu http://www.mimoskolu.cz/predmet-ktery-vas-ve-skole-nikdy-neucili-jak-se-ucit/  http://lifehacker.com/boost-your-memory-by-testing-yourself-not-re-reading-1669460051 http://www.colonialfilm.org.uk/node/1312 Empire Trade – old UK propaganda film   Fun

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Learn morse code


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Practice coding the fun way

https://www.codingame.com Learn to code by solving game situations   https://www.codeeval.com/ More traditional programming challenges gamified   https://codecombat.com/play Learn Python/Javascript with a game   http://www.jsdares.com/ Navigate robot with simple programming https://scratch.mit.edu/ Visual programming, interactive presentation creation and remixing other ideas  

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