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Stargate Teal’c Indeed suspended

I guess I won’t be releasing after all… After dropping ‘Stargate’ and stating clearly, that this is a fan-made app I got another suspension This time copyright bs… Google, Why so serious?  

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Android typing tip: slide spacebar to move cursor

In action:   More info: http://www.cnet.com/how-to/googles-secret-keyboard-feature-gives-you-precise-cursor-control/ http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/googles-neat-keyboard-trick-lets-you-move-cursor-easily-iphone-android-1563095   In older versions of Android it seems to work differently: http://www.beginandroid.com/keyboard.shtml   Czech article: http://dotekomanie.cz/2016/05/google-klavesnice/

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Bloody updates or How Microsoft feels about Windows XP

I finally understand Microsoft and their frustration with outdated Windows XP (<– replace version according to your standards). Some time ago I had released a version 4 of an app. Recently, I updated it several times and reached version 7.

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