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How I saved few dollars and you can too

I have been using certain cloud backup service for a few years now. It is not perfect, but they have a decent desktop client and mobile app. And there was a due date for my annual subscription payment. Coincidentally a few

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Keyframe: The Spielberg Face

An interesting thing used in film-making – a “Spielberg face”. You’ll know what does it mean as soon as you watch the video 🙂

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Level design – Signposting in Doom

Follow the light. See how the green lights guide you through the desert? It works indoors too. Light does not have to glow constantly. Watch the red light on the ride side of the door change intensity. Light also helps to

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How to stop yourself from binge watching videos on Youtube?!

I was suffering from binge-watching Youtube videos. binge watching noun the practice of watching multiple episodes of a television programme in rapid succession, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming. “people who watch television online say they regularly indulge

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Ask a Game Dev

If you have a burning question about gamedev you’ve come to a right place. Here is a tumblr of a mysterious experienced gamedev person. So go ahead. There are bunch of already answered questions too. These for example. Check

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Softy Simness – Postmortem

About me Hi, my name is Roman and I am a gamedev enthusiast. I like to participate in game jams, try out all the new things, learn stuff and more. Currently, I am finishing up my master’s studies of IT

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Sweet delicious Chocolatey

So I was reinstalling my Windows machine and though it would be a pain to reinstall all those programs. And then I remembered I wanted to give Chocolatey a try a while back. Whats that you ask? Apart from being

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Looking for CrashPlan replacement

CrashPlan will no longer be free for users who wish to use it for local backup. It was a great backup tool with continuous backup, automatic cleanup of older backups and simple to use interface. “CrashPlan for Home will no

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How DMCA ruins fan-made games

No comment.

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How a Japanese Indie Studio Kicks Bethesda’s Butt at World-Building

ie. these NPC have their own lives 🙂

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