50 Things That Made the Modern Economy and Bacon (TWIL)

One summer in London, the Thames was so stinky, it made a wiki entry xD

Why do we have “Press button to start” screens in games? Certification.

50 Things That Made the Modern Economy – Podcast about 50 important inventions (about 8 minutes per episode)

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TWIL – This Week I Learned

Every week I read a bunch of articles, watch videos, chat with people, discover new websites, tools, games, books and then some. This amounts to a lot of new information to absorb. So I figured why not write it down and make a summary every now and then to keep track of it all? That’s TWIL in a nutshell.

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Several Lists of Youtubers and Livestreamers

I have collected several different lists of Youtubers and Livestreamers.

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How to use Beyond Compare for Backup

In my recent I shared with You, that I ditched all those proper backup programs in favor of Beyond Compare 4 (BC4).
So the questions is, how to use BC4 for backing up? And what are the advantages over traditional backup software?

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Which Backup Program is the Best? Answer May Surprise You!

Just as it surprised me! I want to share this revelation with you!

Previously, I have been using CrashPlan to for backing up my local data to the second hard drive, but they recently changed their business model and will soon forbid free users from backing up locally. Shame, it worked flawlessly. Especially the version retention setting. It automatically reduced the size of the backup archive.

So I started looking for a replacement… and I made a list of backup software to choose from.

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