IGT Project Gravity (Unity)

Multiple displays local competitive multiplayer game for course In-Game Technologies

GA Workbench (Java/libGDX)

Simple engine made for course Game Architecture.

62-E (Tunnels of 62-E) (Unity)

Explore the tunnels of planet Kepler 62-E!

PA199 3D Breakout (C++/OpenGL)

Circular version of classic breakout in 3D!

The CRATE (Unity)

Crates are alive! What do we do now?!

Bachelor’s thesis: Visualization of tactile and aural sensations (2D game in C++/OpenGL)

Navigate blind hero towards purple waves!

Elektroda (Unity)

Stay lit - avoid obstacles - collect bonuses in this simple yet addictive retro platformer game!

IJA Dama (Draughts in Java)

Project in IJA FIT VUTBR

transformerz elementz (MelonJS)

Use your knowledge of elements to solve this puzzle game

DrumPlayer (Game for Kinect)

Create virtual drums, play some beats, become a rockstar!

RIP Arkanoid (Unity)

Bleeding coffins... enjoy.

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